The Pony Up Daddy Saddle is the most magnificent item you’ll probably never own — and the commercial is just perfect

Pony Up Daddy - YouTube - Screenshot

The Pony Up Daddy is a remarkable contraption and an essential tool for anyone with kids. It’s described on its website as “a unique, cute product for kids who love getting pony rides!”

The concept is simple: it’s a saddle that you strap to yourself so your kids can ride you around like you’re a mule or some other equally pathetic animal that’s been bred to serve humans and nothing more.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

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It’s one of those weird products that nobody you know owns, but people must be buying. It has really good reviews on Amazon, so clearly the people who are buying it are satisfied. It just doesn’t seem like something anyone with a brain would actually buy.

You’d have to have a lot of energy to make owning one of these things worthwhile.

We’ve written about some pretty bizarre products before, but none of them have had a commercial as epic as this one. It really emphasizes the fact that your kids need a big imagination to enjoy the product.

And let’s hope you’re not a dad with a beer belly, because “ride an elephant in an African safari” sounds like body shaming to us.

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