The pranking couple took things to the next level with this explosive laxative brownie prank YouTube/Pranksters in Love
YouTube/Pranksters in Love

Pranksters in Love have done it again!

In honor of April Fools’ Day, the lovable pranking duo took things up a notch when Nikki decided to bake some special brownies for her husband, John.

Nikki’s secret ingredient of choice: laxatives! To make sure her prank was pulled off flawlessly, Nikki decided to bake the brownies for her husband on March 31, so the overnight laxatives had time to work their magic just in time for April Fools’ Day!

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To make things even more realistic, Nikki cut some of the brownies out and threw them away to make John think someone had already sampled them, making the treats seem safe.

Fast forward a few hours, and John is stuck on the porcelain throne.

“There were six doses of laxatives in those brownies,” she giggled.

“That is not funny at all!” John exclaimed.

It may not be funny to him, but Nikki is sure enjoying her husband’s pain!

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