The ratings are in for Amy Schumer’s Netflix special and it looks like the golden girl of comedy has lost her touch YouTube/Netflix US & Canada

Comedian Amy Schumer’s “The Leather Special” was widely heralded as a golden moment for female comedians. Her fans saw it as her opportunity to shine, but it seems that the special has fallen flat.

The Netflix film has more than 1,200 reviews, and almost none of them have good things to say about the highly publicized special. A handful of users expressed surprise at how poor it was, with statements like, “I really enjoyed her previous specials…but this is dreadful.”

However, there seemed to be a more nefarious motive to some of the reviews.

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The alt-right message boards are known for sinking reviews for people they don’t agree with — they did it with Schumer’s book and Megyn Kelly’s book. And Schumer is certainly a left-leaning comedian; she’s spoken out against gun violence and attended the Women’s March. She’s also related to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Unsurprisingly, many of the reviews are ripe with political motives. There are statements like “didn’t watch it! didn’t need to!” and “feminazi propaganda at its finest.” Another user wrote, “she is about as funny as her cousin Chucky Boy Schumer.”

On “The_Donald,” a subreddit frequented by Trump supporters, the comments were even more brutal. A user writing under the moniker “YourGayOpinion” wrote, “how can a talking pig support Islam,” while another wrote, “if I wanted to watch potatoes rot, I’d just go to the grocery store.” (That’s actually an inside joke on The_Donald — they think Schumer looks like a potato; in fact, they have a whole post dedicated to it). But on IMDb, the reviews didn’t seem to be political; people there just didn’t find the hour-long routine funny.

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While the user reviews are almost entirely negative, “The Leather Special” has enjoyed mixed reviews from professional critics. Tom Long at The Detroit News wrote that “she’s absolutely as funny as she was two years ago…but the humor feels dated.” The San Francisco Chronicle called the piece “an hour of hilarious, raunchy comedy.” But Verne Gay at Newsday wrote that there’s “too much of the carnal Amy, not enough of the smart, cultural critic Amy.”

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