It’s no secret that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was an incredibly successful and prolific professional wrestler with the WWE before he sealed his position as the most bankable box office star on the planet.

But most of the people who know him more for his movies than for his moves probably don’t realize just how beloved he was by wrestling fans for his epic microphone work.

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“Promos” big part of the professional wrestling industry. If you’ve ever been stumbled upon some wrestling while flicking through the channels and seen two people holding microphones and yelling at each other — that’s a promo. And nobody knew how to cut a promo like The Rock.

This compilation video jumps all over the place in terms of time. Some of the clips are from 15 years ago, and some are from 2016. But regardless of when they were recorded, The Rock’s promos and backstage segments have always been thoroughly enjoyable.

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