The son of legendary comedian Richard Pryor got booed off stage during a horrendous stand-up set

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Videos by Rare

Mason Pryor, the son of legendary stand-up comedian Richard Pryor, was booed off stage during his standup comedy routine on Fox’s “Showtime at the Apollo,” proving that sometimes, the apple falls very far from the tree.

His routine — which was largely about President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin — did not generate the desired response from the Apollo’s unforgiving audience, who continuously booed the 30-year-old comic, with some watchers demanding he leave the stage. Pryor implored the crowd to “have some respect,” but to no avail. He then walked off stage in the middle of his set.

“I bombed when I shouldn’t have,” the young comedian said backstage. “I wasn’t funny.”

The show’s host, stand-up veteran Steve Harvey, urged Pryor to redeem himself by going back out there and ending on a high ntoe, which he did. Pryor returned tot he stage and dropped a brief bit about the relationship between his iconic father and his wife, Mason’s mother Geraldine Mason, that got a decent reaction.

Pryor later told TMZ that he would learn from the ordeal and that he would take the advice of his fellow comedians to ensure his sets are tighter in the future,

He’s got some big shoes to fill.

Richard Pryor’s name has been in the news a lot recently. His widow Jennifer Lee spilled the tea about his promiscuous and apparently bisexual love life.

Lee claimed that her late husband, whom she was married to twice, confirmed the rumor started by Quincy Jones that Pryor indeed once slept with Marlon Brando.

“Musical principles exist, man. Musicians today can’t go all the way with the music because they haven’t done their homework with the left brain. Music is emotion and science,” Jones told Vulture. “You don’t have to practice emotion because that comes naturally. Technique is different. If you can’t get your finger between three and four and seven and eight on a piano, you can’t play. You can only get so far without technique. People limit themselves musically, man. Do these musicians know tango? Macumba? Yoruba music? Samba? Bossa nova? Salsa? Cha-cha?”

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He continued, “[Marlon] Brando used to go cha-cha dancing with us. He could dance his a** off. He was the most charming m**********r you ever met. He’d fk anything. Anything! He’d fk a mailbox. James Baldwin. Richard Pryor. Marvin Gaye.”

Lee seemed to confirm the rumor in an interview with TMZ after Jones’ interview got people talking.

“It was the ’70s! Drugs were still good, especially quaaludes. If you did enough cocaine, you’d f**k a radiator and send it flowers in the morning,” she told the tabloid. She also added that Pryor was very open about his bisexuality and kept a diary of his escapades, which she plans on publishing later this year.

She added that her late husband would be “cracking up” hearing Jones’ gossip today.

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