“The Sperminator” Has 50+ Kids and Counting

Five years ago The New York Post introduced “The Sperminator” to the world: a CUNY math professor who has fathered roughly 54 children. The Sperminator, whose real name is Ari Nagel takes pride in offering sperm to anyone who asks it. And while some of his kids were certainly conceived the old-fashioned way, Nagel has also participated in many public handoffs of the goods… at the Brooklyn Target and various Starbucks restrooms. Nagel says that he’s never denied any request for his seed, which he offers free of charge. He also maintains relationships with some of his offspring, through the domestic situations vary wildly.

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Sperm Donor Extraordinaire

Ari Nagel, a 44-year-old professor, operates a one-man sperm bank and has become something of an NYC legend since the Post broke the story of his life in 2016. Nagel says that potential baby mamas reach out to him for sperm donations through Facebook. Some of these women are in lesbian relationships or are single, or just want a piece of Nagel’s so-called “super sperm” for whatever personal reasons. Some of them even call from across the globe! Nagel now has biological children in Israel, Thailand, and Ghana.

Many of the mothers who’ve used Nagel’s services are happy to have saved money and avoided the worries of anonymous sperm donation. He’s well-educated and (subjectively) good-looking, according to women’s testimonies in the original New York Post feature. Obviously, these women know what they’re getting into by reaching out to The Sperminator. Nagel says that many of them invite one other to baby showers and birthday parties and video-chat often. If they so choose, their child’s life and be full of siblings — almost too many too count! But Nagel also revealed another reason for the mothers’ closeness: “They all love each other — maybe a little too much. [Some of] the moms are flirting and hooking up.”

But handling such an ultra-modern family is not always so chill. So far, five women have successfully sued Ari Nagel for child support — halving his academic salary.

The serial sperm donor has not slowed his roll, even throughout the socially distant Coronavirus pandemic. In 2020 alone, Ari Nagel fathered three baby boys and three baby girls. And for those of you further interested in the sensationalized life of The Sperminator, check out this six-part web series from The New York Post which dives into the extreme circumstances of the complicated Nagel bloodline.

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