The teaser for Bill Burr’s new stand-up special is out and we’re loving it

Bill Burr will release his fourth Netflix special, “Walk Your Way Out,” at the end of this month, and the internet is buzzing about what to expect. The comedian will probably stick to his tried-and-true, blue-collar formula that has earned him a wide following.

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In the past few weeks, Burr has been doing the late-night circuit, sharing many of the bits that will likely appear in his special. He has ranted about combating population growth in every special so far.

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The real question that many comedy nerds have is, will he talk about Trump? Burr will probably do at least one bit on the new president, but expect him to be level-headed about it. Just after the election, he appeared on “Conan” and said he doesn’t believe “anything will change with Trump as president.”

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