The TSA puts a more personal touch on their pat-downs in this “Late Night” sketch

YouTube screenshot -- Colbert TSA screening changes

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Anyone who’s caught a flight in the last decade and a half knows the TSA routine. Take off your shoes and jacket, empty your pockets, step through the scanner and maybe get ready for a pat-down — all this directed by a typically morose agent who hasn’t got time for any shenanigans. Why can’t the TSA be a bit warmer in its interactions with passengers? Well, that might not actually help much.

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This sketch from “Late Night With Stephen Colbert” came about as a result of a news report claiming that the TSA would be more “intimate” in their future inspections. Think about it: some music, a nice dinner for two and some engaging conversation, all across from a TSA officer. What a dream!

Yeah, actually, we prefer the current inspections.

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