The ultimate showdown between pair of swans and geese proves that they’re just angry creatures cloaked by elegance

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Anybody who has come in contact with a swan or a goose can tell you that while they’re beautiful animals, they’re pretty much always unfriendly when you get too close to them. They hiss, chase you around and, if they ever get close enough, have no qualms about taking a nip at your ankle.

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When somebody happened to capture footage of a pair of geese and a pair of swans encountering each other in the back yard, their meeting was anything but friendly. Thankfully, the video maker also took it upon themselves to set the song to an ominous track that intensifies the battle. Of course, since they’re not properly trained, the swans ended up squabbling with each other, while the geese managed to escape.

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