This horrible day compilation from the YouTubers FailsnPranks will have you cracking up and cringing.

A stop on the ice sends an ice skater falling face-first into the wall. Think you can pull a rock out of the ground with a car? Just hope it doesn’t go flying into your back window!

A fun ride down a water slide can take a turn if you try to land on an inflatable intertube and instead land on your head. And you’ll want to see the young man who’s suddenly a few teeth too short after trying to jump around a cargo yard without making sure he could make the distance.

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Can you imagine lining up your entire bridal party on what seems to be a sturdy deck, only to see it crumble into the lake, bringing every dressed-up bridesmaid and groomsman with it?

When you’re getting ready to cut down a tree, maybe make sure you haven’t leaned your ladder against the top of the trunk you’re about to chop off. And take it easy on golf carts … one quick turn. and it’ll easily throw everyone off!

WOW these people definitely had a horrible day! Thank goodness there was someone there filming, or we wouldn’t be able to share these important life lessons. Suddenly, our bad days don’t seem so bad.

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