Aussie comedian Jim Jefferies visited the town of Sevnica, Slovenia to pay homage to its most famous native: First Lady Melania Trump.

During the segment — which aired on his new Comedy Central show — Jefferies met with local business owners who are trying to cash in on their town’s affiliation with Mrs. Trump. In the wake of the election, many of them launched products inspired by Melania and bearing her image, but they all received cease and desist notices from the Trump lawyers.

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Jefferies also took the “Melania Trump Tour” and spoke about the experience in a recent interview with Vulture:

Well, there was an official tour, and they thought the tourism would be a big thing. But on the day that I showed up — and we didn’t direct it this way — I was the only person who wanted to take the tour. It was just me, and this guy’s talking about how tourism has doubled. I was the only person who showed up that day.

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