These 14 lovable little liars prove just how terrible kids are at being dishonest

Rumble - AFV - Screenshot

Unsurprisingly, kids aren’t very good at lying. Their brains have yet to fully develop, and they don’t understand the intricacies of the human psyche. But kids will be kids, and they’re certainly not going to let the fact that they suck at lying deter them from giving it a try — as you can see in this brilliant “AFV” compilation video.

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The lies in the video will no doubt sound familiar to most parents. Most of them are a variation on the classic “blame people who aren’t here to defend themselves” (like Dad or The Big Bad Wolf — poor Wolfie, you eat one grandma, and suddenly you’re the world’s scapegoat) prank. But a couple are a bit more complex.

Some of the kids in the video are better fibbers than others, but literally non of them are successful in their attempts to deceive — but at least they’re learning! They’ll be lying their way into boardrooms in no time!

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