These bizarre shower curtains would certainly make our bathroom a conversation piece

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Have you ever looked at your lovely, pristine bathroom and thought that it could use some spice in the form of a demented shower curtain? If so, you’re not alone.

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Yes, an eye catching pattern or motif to hand towels and bath towels will brighten up your bathroom space and make it more interesting, but what about your your shower curtain? The shower curtain is essentially a huge hanging canvas in the bathroom, which makes it the perfect item on which to print a work of art. Having a wacky shower curtain sends a message. Any guest who uses your bathroom will remember the image forever, and you will always be known as the person with the cool shower curtain.

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But there’s a fine line. Take it too far and you could end up with one of these monstrosities.

Imagine having the enlarged face of Danny DeVito looking right at you every time you use the toilet:

Here’s a surefire way to freak out your dinner party guests:

This shower curtain will help you save water, because you’ll never want to shower again:

Okay, this one is actually pretty classy. That rug on the other hand, can burn in hell:

If you’re a fan of professional wrestling, you’ll love this next curtain. But if you’re a fan of organized religion, you’ll probably hate it:

Okay, this one’s is pretty funny. 10/10, would buy:

This one is so bad that its owners didn’t even bother hanging it up. We expect it was thrown in the trash after this picture was taken:

What do you think?

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