This ViralHog video comes from the dashcam of a lady in the U.K. — a dashcam that saved her from being ripped off by a pair of incompetent con men.

As the lady drives down a quiet residential street, one of the crooks pops out in front of her, slowly pushing his moped alongside him. The lady slows down, and the crook slams the back of the scooter into the front of the lady’s car. He also throws himself backwards onto the hood of the car for added effect.

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At this point, the second crook emerges with a cell phone as the confused lady gets out of the car. But they decide to flee the scene of the fake accident as soon as she points out the fact that she has a dashcam that’s recorded the entire ordeal. She then proceeds to call the real police as they take off.

Better luck next time, lads.

Norman is a tall stand-up comedian from the mean streets of London, England. He has performed at several prestigious venues in his brief career, including (but not limited to) The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, The Capitol City Comedy Club in Austin, and a Hooters in St. Louis. His festival ...Read more
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