These graduates managed to turn their school into an indoor ski resort with the most excessive paper toss you’ll ever see Shocking News - YouTube - Screenshot
Shocking News - YouTube - Screenshot

This Shocking News video shows the excessive celebration of Basha High School’s graduating class of 2017.

As you can see, instead of having a quaint little party or going for a nice steak dinner, these kids thought it would be fun to toss what appears to be several billion sheets of paper in the air.

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The result is a seemingly endless storm of paper raining down the kids as they gather in the stairwell. As the paper falls, it collects on the stairs and forms a slope, which allows a few of the braver students to slide down into the paper-filled abyss below.

It probably seemed like a cool idea at the time. But somebody had to clean up the mess these selfish kids made and we’re pretty sure it wasn’t them.

Tip your janitors.

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