These guys celebrated Christmas by building a giant drone and doing sick snowboard tricks with it’s help YouTube screenshot
YouTube screenshot -- snowboard drone Christmas

Casey Neistat, a film maker and popular YouTube personality, has decided to celebrate Christmas by releasing a video of him using a giant drone to snowboard around Finland.

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Neistat, whose blogs involve a lot of drone-captured footage, has been a longstanding enthusiast of using the technology for film-making purposes. He took the idea farther by constructing a drone powerful enough to lift a human being.

The market currently has no drone physically large enough to fully support the weight of a person, so once Neistat and co. constructed the drone, they decided the best idea for using it was to go kite-surfing. Off they went to the ski slopes.

The video was made by Neistat, with help from Jesse Wellens (of PrankVsPrank) and Samsung. It features Neistat snowboarding with a selfie stick around the slopes until he takes a jump and stays in the air.

The drone flies Neistat around as he hangs on via what appears to be a harness. The video ends with Neistat being flown around with a trail of red smoke coming off of his snowboard, “White Christmas” playing in the background and him wishing everyone a happy holiday while he flies off into the distance.

It’s nice to know he graduated from snowboarding New York streets.

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