These guys pranked their co-workers with a lifelike dino and are probably going to hear from HR soon YouTube

Luring your friends down the parking garage and pranking them is harsh, but when you use a person dressed in a life-sized dinosaur costume, well, that’s just downright diabolical!

These pranksters, Hamish and Andy, did just that to four of their unsuspecting coworkers. Hamish and Andy are two afternoon radio talk show hosts in Australia who took a little time away from their microphones to torture some of their colleagues with this prank.

All of the victims screamed, all of them ran away, and one of them literally peed in her pants “just a little.”

It was all clearly in good fun, and no one was hurt (probably) by this prank, but we wouldn’t be surprised if someone in HR gets in touch with them soon.

Nicole is a content editor with Rare. 
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