These guys take ping pong training to the next level in this hilarious montage

YouTube screenshot -- ping pong training montage

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

While most people know it as a fun way to pass the time or combine it with beer for some tomfoolery, ping pong, aka table tennis, is serious business. It’s even an Olympic sport. If you want to be a world class player, you can’t afford to take a day off from your training; every moment spent not improving is a waste. At least, that’s the case for the guys in this video.

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In this montage, they go through every training opportunity you can think of, along with several you probably can’t. At school? Ping pong. Sleeping? Ping pong. On a date with your long-time girlfriend? Ping pong. Being attacked by a knife-wielding criminal? You guessed it: ping pong. The video is hysterical, but that’s not all — the shots these guys can hit are really impressive.

With this kind of dedication, they’ll reach the top of the table tennis world in no time.

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