These guys try Korean BBQ that ranges from $24 to $346 and determine if it’s worth it YouTube screenshot
YouTube screenshot BuzzFeedVideo -- Korean BBQ taste test/comparison

These guys are known for their trips to go and try food for the folks over at Buzzfeed, and they set off again along with a new companion to try the cheapest and most expensive Korean BBQs in Los Angeles. They found their way to some pretty cool places.

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Korean barbecue is characterized by small cuts of meat that are grilled in front of the restaurant goer, and the trio of food tourists learned a lot about the techniques used by Korean BBQ operators, as well as a lot about Korean culture.

There are a ton of reasons to experience Korean BBQ, and these guys visited a common all-you-can-eat place, a trendy mid-level restaurant and a high-roller place with meat of amazing quality. Their tabs ranged from $24 to $346, a pretty amazing disparity.

Although it all looks delicious, you can really see the difference in the quality between the meat of the first restaurant and the meat of the last one.

It all looks amazing to us, though.

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