These horrific tales from #SpringBroke will make you happy those days are behind you YouTube/Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
YoTube/Tonight Show

Spring break is all about college kids getting a week away from the grueling classes and exams, but for most, it’s about having fun while having no money.

Jimmy Fallon gave us all some of the most hilarious tweets about #SpringBroke on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” and they are seriously LOL-worthy!

“I couldn’t afford mint for my spring break mojitos so I crushed up Altoids instead,” he read. “I called it ‘the mojitoid.'”

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Fallon continued with the tales of broke college kids’ woes.

“After I lathered myself with sunscreen, a storm hit the beach and sandblasted me,” Fallon read. “I looked like a cinnamon donut.”

Thank goodness these days are over!

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