These Shoes Are Literally Made From Defective Sex Toys

They say that you should always give everything a second chance, no matter what. Well, this rule even applies to sex toys! A street wear label has partnered with an adult toy industry in order to create shoes that are derived impart from sex toys. But fear not, these haven’t been used, there are only making shoes out of unused sex products. Thank God for that.

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Apparently, The Plastic Soul shoes use 15% of the sex toy, and the rest is made with non-bleach EVA which is a petroleum-based foam that is very difficult to recycle.

Who created this wonderful product? None other than David Teitelbaum who is the founder of Rose in Good Faith, and Chad Braverman CEO of Doc Johnson. The adult toy company was reportedly Braverman’s father’s at first, founded in 1976. 

Rose In Good Faith
Rose In Good Faith

The shoes have actually been in the market for a little bit over 2 years now, but have yet to create a heavy buzz in the world. Because well, who wants to buy shoes made out of sex toys? It’s a genius idea, I’ll give them that. Recycling is recycling of course, but this is a little too crazy.

Still, despite the lack of popularity, the two Los Angeles businessmen are very proud of their product.“Personally, I love shoes. So it was a cool product, a really interesting way to get Doc Johnson on board with something that I would never ever do,” Braverman said in a statement. 

He has previously collaborated with several other brands including Ed Hardy. He has also created merchandise for artists such as Juice World and Lil Peep. But, before the whole pandemic happened, he was looking for something new. That’s when he met with the adult film company, learning about Doc Johnson. Apparently, he took on the collaboration in order to “promote sex positivity to fashion and innovation,” and Teitelbau was all for it! 

“Something like 28% of the sales are going to women,” Teitelbaum noted. “We’re hitting an interesting narrative. I think there’s a deeper connection.”

Teitelbaum actually designed the $130 shoe, and made a big natural cork insole for some extra support. In order to promote the shoes, the couple is making limited batches and is planning to roll out even more colors in the coming months. 

What do you say? Want a pair?

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