These two guys try to DIY YouTube prank gifts and the results are pretty funny YouTube screenshot

YouTube channel “Can we DIY?” released a new video, “CAN WE DIY?! | PRANK GIFTS!” where the two hosts try and recreate Christmas present pranks from YouTuber Rich Ferguson.

The pranks require someone unwittingly pulling a cord and creating a reaction, and the DIY duo decide demonstrating dubious diversions on decidedly holy days deserves discretion, and make the present pranks to surprise their friends.

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The first prank — rigging a present with an air horn — surprises even the hosts.

“That’s loud!” one of them says.

They successfully trick one of their friends with the air horn, but rigging a trapped box with Coke and Mentos seemed to be a bit too much for the team, and they deem it a failure after the Coke weakly spurts onto the ground.

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