They Crushed a Can of Silly String with a Hydraulic Press and the Explosion is Beyond Satisfying

Pimple popping is gross, but there’s something satisfying about it — isn’t there? There are lots of videos available where you can see things getting popped or crushed.  There is an entire Hydraulic Press Channel available for your viewing pleasure, and that’s not the only place to find this type of video.  For some reason, this is one of the most popular videos in this genre.  Why?  Could it be childhood nostalgia for Silly String?

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What is Silly String anyway? In 1972, inventor Leonard A. Fish and chemist Robert P. Cox set out to create an aerosol spray that would act as an instant cast for broken limbs. One of the test nozzles shot the material about 30 feet across the room. The inventors thought that this spray had more potential as a toy than as a medical device, and the rest is history.  We are not sure if they ever though about crushing the cans themselves and posting videos.  Times were different back then.

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Many get great pleasure watching this video where a hydraulic press crushes a can of Silly String. Watch as a the press slowly lowers down on the can, leaving the viewer in total suspense: when will it pop? Will it ever pop? Is it about to pop? The can is slowly squished down until a huge wad of blue foam finally erupts from its side. When it pops, ahhhhhhhh. Wonderful.

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