One little boy was more interested in being outside the car than sitting in a car seat for a demonstration his mother was a part of for a local news station in Philadelphia.

Good Day Philadelphia’s Mike Jerrick was doing a segment on car seats and had the son of a producer demonstrating how children his age should sit in a car seat.

BuzzFeed reported that just as Torrie Williams Duckson, a producer and fashion contributor for the show, attempted to get her 23-month-old son Noah in a car seat.

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 The effort was of no avail as the child kicked and grabbed onto the rubber window trim seal, making it clear he did not want to sit in the seat.

“Once he pulled the rubber off the car the second time, I just started laughing because it was all I could do to keep from crying in embarrassment,” Williams Duckson wrote in a blog post for WTXF. “As many viewers have already pointed out, that kid is quite strong and almost bigger than me.”

Once his mother got him seated, Noah fidgeted and slouched in the seat as his mother, who may have been a little embarrassed, laughed at her son’s determination.

As for comments from Noah on his TV appearance? “No … Bye.”

Watch the demo and Noah’s chance at stardom in the video below: