Thieves Stole Tire off Chevy Corvette and Were Gone in 60 Seconds

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A pair of guys lifting a tire off another car pulled off their crime in record time. That’s the good news for the thieves. The bad is that their license plate was on full display, and recorded for all the world to witness.

But for now, the Texas tire bandits remain on the loose.

The incident was recorded via a nearby Tesla, unbeknownst to the thieves, who stole a wheel and tire from a C7 Corvette in a Southlake, Texas, parking lot.

The Southlake police released the video of the crime as it happened, on their YouTube account.

Thieves Steal Tire off Chevy Corvette

Clearly, these knuckleheads would have a decent shot at working on a NASCAR crew pit. But more likely, their next pit stop will be jail.

But hey, as the video revealed, at least one of them was already dressed in an orange jumpsuit. So he won’t have to worry about changing clothes as quickly as he can change a tire. In all seriousness, this is pretty impressive, not gonna lie. The way they were just in and out in a short amount of time makes you wonder what they do for a living. My guess would be either they work at a body shop or at a car dealership. Because my dudes knew what they were doing, and did it quickly!

Props to them, what a waste of talent if you ask me. They could have gone far with this talent. Still, we don’t condone this, don’t go out stealing tires, or cars for that matter! be a decent human.

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