This airline has a new commitment for the holiday season: “We’re gonna f**k your s**t up” YouTube screenshot
YouTube screenshot -- airline committed to making holidays worse. Funny Or Die

In this video from Funny Or Die, a representative from Western Airlines has come to reassure people that even though the holiday season is incredibly stressful, they are committed to making it much worse.

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In the video, the representative explains that there are a million different little things that screw you over on flights during the holidays, and they’re committed to rolling out even more ways to try and disrupt any sort of peace during travel.

Less overhead bin space, more destroyed luggage and long delays due to weather in a place unrelated to your destination are what await travelers. The airline guarantees emotional distress on every domestic flight.

“You are a cog in the modern transportation machine, and will burn your ass up like jet fuel,” says the rep. “You are nothing to us, nothing. You have no choice in air travel. You have no one to turn to if we wrong you.”

This strikes a little too close to home.

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