This behind-the-scenes look at “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” shows that the gang has some serious pipes YouTube/FXX

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” began their 12th season at the beginning of the New Year, and in its time on the air, it has gained something of a cult following. Many fans have called the sitcom “the next Seinfeld,” and it’s true that there are similarities between the two shows–most notably the narcissism of the characters.

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Throughout the show, there have been moments when the musical talents of the actors have shone through the heaps of below-the-belt jokes. In the fourth season, the gang put on an ill-fated musical entitled “The Nightman Cometh.” Unfortunately for them, what was supposed to be a heartwarming tale of a kid finding himself, ended up with suggestions of pedophilia.

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In the latest behind-the-scenes, fans were given a look into the filming of the first episode (which had all the makings of a musical). And to our surprise and delight, we were reminded yet again that the gang has some serious singing abilities. Or, at least Charlie Day does.

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