This Bill Burr bit about raising kids is a must-watch

In the last year, much of Bill Burr’s comedy has dealt with his relationship with his father and how much family structure has changed since he was a child growing up in the late 1970s. Burr’s recent Netflix cartoon, “F is for Family,” examines this very phenomenon.

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In a clip from his 2012 comedy special “You People Are All the Same” that he recently uploaded to his YouTube page, Burr recounted how he was annoyed as a child by how much his father yelled, but since growing older he’s realized that it wasn’t all just yelling.

Burr believes that his current temper relates back to his growing up with his father and hearing how he yelled at his children and wife.

“When I was a kid, I thought he was nuts. Then I got older […] I realized, eh, this guy’s making a lotta good points,” Burr jokes in a recent stand up clip.

This, according to Burr, is one of the many reasons why he has never gotten married.

“I never thought about getting married. It just looked horrific […] a lot of them failed,” Burr notes.

Though some of Burr’s comedy isn’t exactly appropriate for every audience, he acknowledges that some people out there (like himself) are programmed to be a little sinister.


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