This classic Steve Martin scene perfectly summarizes how many Americans feel about the news CharlesStrickelin/Screenshot
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Reddit user mackload1 took to the Internet this week and posted a clip from the 1987 film “Roxanne.”

According to mackload1, the scene is reminiscent about how he feels about the world in 2016.

Each day it seems that the country is embroiled in some new controversy about politics, death or a country divided by race relations.

The scene from “Roxanne” shows Steve Martin’s character stopping to read a local newspaper and expressing his horror at the front page headlines.

After he lets out a massive scream, Martin quickly shoves the paper back into where it came from and runs away from the scene.

One YouTuber chimed in that it matched up to his reaction to a Facebook newsfeed.

“That’s my reaction to my Facebook newsfeed (or as I like to call it the “rage-feed”),” the YouTuber mentioned.
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