This classic “Workaholics” scene demonstrates why you never doubt scientists YouTube/Comedy Central

Those scientists better check their hypotenuses, dude.

Adam from “Workaholics” can’t barf. He said so himself; he has a stomach of steel.

How do you challenge one who claims that he can’t barf? Well, you give him some ipecac, which is a substance used to induce vomiting.

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Fear not, says Adam! “Because scientists made this? Who believes in scientists, dude?”

Adam wins the battle here. He ingests the ipecac, and boom: nothing happens. He even fakes barfing, laughing it up at those stupid scientists who would dare mess with a stomach of steel.

Of course, Adam lost the war, as he did end up barfing at the end. Maybe he should have checked his hypotenuse, dude.

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