This clip of Gordon Ramsay flipping out at an incompetent chef who can’t even cook an egg is just as brilliant as it sounds Gordon Ramsay - YouTube - Screenshot
Gordon Ramsay - YouTube - Screenshot

When comedy genius Gordon Ramsay isn’t mocking the culinary creations of people on Twitter, he’s in crappy hotels and restaurants laying into grossly incompetent chefs — like the one in this clip taken from a recent episode of his show “Hotel Hell.”

In the episode, Gordon is tasked with helping put a struggling hotel and it’s eccentric owner/head chef, and he really has work cut out for him.

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The owner’s incompetence in the kitchen is obvious from the small amount of footage in the video. After tasting some of his garbage “specialties,” Ramsay orders something a bit simpler a boiled egg.

Naturally, the chef manages to mess that up too, and Ramsay is not happy about it.

Seriously, how do you mess up a boiled egg?

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