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For the last ten years, comedian Steve Hofstetter has used his YouTube page to build his brand, make some fans and become one of the most popular comedians on the Internet.

Ever since he posted a video of him taking down a heckler, or showing off “justice porn” as he calls it, Hofstetter has regularly recorded his sets and shown the world what it’s like to be inside a club when a comic makes someone look stupid.

This was no different in July 2009 when Hofstetter played a show in Edmonton, Alberta, just two days before the Fourth of July.

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Perhaps the audience was particularly jacked up to give shit to an American comedian so close to an American holiday, and give shit they did.

As soon as Hofstetter hit the stage and announced he was from the United States he was met with some muffled boos that seemed to catch him off guard.

“Oh shut the fuck up…really? You’re just going to boo everybody from the states. You don’t even give me a chance to say shit,” Hofstetter told the crowd.

“This is why we fucking fight people.”

“I was gonna fucking compliment Canada but now I don’t want to.”

In a phone interview with Rare, Hofstetter explained that specific set, and why it’s one of his favorite videos he has put up.

“I thought that the justice of it was so perfect,” Hofstetter said while on a brief break from his current tour of the United States .

“A woman booed me and I kind of teased her about that about how I had no say in the matter and blah,blah,blah and later on I asked her ‘what don’t you like about Americans?'”

The woman then told Hofstetter that she thought Americans were ignorant, to which Hofstetter agreed…with a catch.

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“I said ‘yeah totally [but] are they so ignorant that they’ll judge a person because of where they’re from.'”

“Would it be that sort of ignorance?” Hofstetter said in 2009.

At the end of his set, Hofstetter asks the crowd what they’ve learned tonight. When another woman yells out that America sucks, Hofstetter quickly puts her in her place.

“You paid to see an American, so who the fuck sucks?” he asked.

“You’re paying my salary, so I’m pretty sure I won in this situation.”

Out of all the clips that have gone viral, Hofstetter explained that this was one that he thought at the time was the perfect storm of Internet love, but for whatever reason never had the true viral shelf-life that some of his other clips have had.

“Not only is it justice, it’s xenophobia, it’s everything that a good viral clip should have…and it’s done fine, but that was one where I was like…that was a perfect situation.”

At the end of his clip, Hofstetter doubled down on his patriotism by playing “Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen over a happy message about the 4th of July.

Steve Hofstetter YouTube video screenshot.
Steve Hofstetter YouTube video screenshot.
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