This Doritos commercial was too hot and hilarious for TV, but it’s just perfect for us

Over the last several years, Doritos has held a contest where they ask their fans to submit a video that may end up being the Doritos Super Bowl commercial.

Videos by Rare

Many of these commercials never see the light of day, though some of them end up being hilarious and or brilliant.

One submission shows a young man eating Doritos on a park bench. When a woman runs by him, she hears the sound of the last chip being consumed and immediately runs to the man.

Once she sees that the bag is empty, she goes for the next best thing and licks his face.

The next day, the woman runs by again and once again the man catches her attention.

This time he is ready for some action, and covers his pants with Doritos.

She looks at him suggestively and starts to make her way over until an unexpected guest ruins the man’s plans.

What do you think?

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