“Family Feud” is known for some outrageous and hilarious answers, which plays right into host Steve Harvey’s hands. He saves his best faces for the most ridiculous answers.

This escalated really quickly!

Many people think that “Family Feud” is one of the funniest shows on television, and the 40-year-old series has certainly produced some hilarious moments.  Steve Harvey was chosen as the host in the hopes of returning the show to its slot as the most popular game show on television. The show depends more on the host than a typical game show, and Harvey’s responses to unexpected answers has proved to be a big hit, especially with live studio audiences.

Not long after Steve began his reign as the host of the show, he posed this question to an enthusiastic contestant: “We asked 100 men,” Harvey asked during the ‘Fast Money’ bonus round, “name a part of your body that’s bigger than it was when you were 16.”

This contestant out-did everyone though when she responded instantaneously with an answer that brought Steve to his knees. The funny part is that she didn’t even realize how funny it was.

Harvey barely got the question out before the contestant answered, “Your penis!” She keeps her head down, waiting for the next questions, but Steve Harvey is losing it. He’s dumbfounded! He falls to one knee in shock, and the 30 second buzzer counts all the way down to zero. The crowd laughs the whole way.

“I used the medical terminology,” contestant Secily pointed out.  Harvey’s reply: “A medical term is almost worse! A slang term would have least been … your ‘ding-a-ling,’ something!”

The rest is, as they say, history. We can look forward to many more viral videos from this hilarious source.