This guy can’t stop saying period puns to his annoyed girlfriend, and we say, “Just go with the flow, girl”

YouTube/Cot Dammit Elizabeth

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

We have to hand it to this guy. He’s a brave soul for poking fun at his girlfriend during her time of the month.

The hilarious duo over at the wildly popular Cot Dammit Elizabeth YouTube channel have done it again! This time, this dude can’t stop with the puns as he follows Elizabeth around their home.

“Elizabeth, do you want me to text your mom and ask her what time we have to be there?” he asks. “Wait, I can’t my phone’s out of cervix.”

“Honestly! You are so annoying,” Elizabeth responds from downstairs.

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But the puns keep coming!

“Hey, Elizabeth when we go on that beach trip next week, we should invite Tammy with us. Cuz, you know, Tampax the best lunches.”

“Shut up with your period puns!”

He still doesn’t stop even after she threatens to make him a single man again!

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