This guy grabbed some Mentos and filled a pool with 1,500 gallons Coca Cola and the Internet loved it

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In less than 24 hours on YouTube, over 3,000,000 people tuned into TechRax’s latest video.

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The video showed the man behind the channel filling a 1,500-gallon pool with Coca Cola and Mentos and then asking his buddy to take a dip.

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“This was epic! After weeks of buying thousands of Coke bottles and many more hours of opening and pouring, the magnificent Coca-Cola pool was created,” the people behind TechRax wrote alongside the video.

Despite it’s viral success, not everyone loved the video.

Over 100,000 people have liked the video as of late Saturday, but almost 40,000 people have disliked it.

The top comment on the video may reflect what many thought of the weird, viral hit.

“It sickens me how much money you waste you prick.”

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