This guy is begging the internet to help him get a year of free chicken nuggets, and it’s working Twitter/Face For Today

Wendy’s is renown for their Twitter presence–the fast food chain regularly throws barbs at other users of the platform, and even if you don’t like their food, you have to love their tweets. Twitter user Carter Wilkinson is a lover of chicken nuggets, and when he tweeted at the fast food restaurant asking how many retweets he needs to get a free year of nuggets, the Wendy’s named their price–18 million.

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However, they weren’t counting on the community vibe of Twitter. While the micro-bloggers might disagree on politics, sports and just about everything else, they’re in agreement that they want #NuggetsForCarter.

Mashable reported that the most retweets in history were awarded to Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie with 3.2 million.

Just about everybody has teamed up with Carter to help him on his mission to 18 million. TMobile CEO and prolific Twitter user John Legere tweeted, “Switch to TMobile and I’ll give you a year of free nuggets myself.”

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After Carter earned one million retweets, Wendy’s posted “we’re officially shook.”


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