This guy proves that he’s the best dang forklift driver alive when he picks up a quarter with the machine Rumble/Storyful

Anybody who’s driven a forklift knows that it takes a good bit of practice to even effectively pick up a pallet full of materials. The machines are jumpy, the controls are always too loose or too tight, and just about every forklift driver has a story of putting a prong through boxes, ruining the products.

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But this guy will never have that problem. According to the video’s description, he works at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. While we don’t know all the backstory behind this, whether it was a bet or if he was just proving himself, we’re completely blown away by the Zen-level of concentration that he displays when popping a quarter onto the prong of the machine.

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His fellow workers erupt in applause as the master gently pops the quarter onto the arm of the forklift. And who can blame them? This guy is a modern-day wizard.

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