This guy thought he was getting a special breakfast, but a secret ingredient took this prank to the next level

YouTube/Pranksters in Love

Nikki and John are at it again!

The hilarious pranking duo from the Pranksters in Love YouTube page are back to their old ways with another hilarious prank that you can pull on one of your loved ones!

For this prank, Nikki enlisted their daughter Iris to help. Together, the mother and daughter whipped up some pancakes for John, but Nikki decided to add one special secret ingredient: shaving cream.

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Once the pancakes were finished, the family sat together at the table for breakfast, and that’s when John went in for that first bite. Immediately, he spit the pancakes and shaving cream out onto the plate and tried his hardest to get the horrible taste out of his mouth.

“Why!? Why?! You can’t just do anything nice,” he said.

“Sorry Dada,” little Iris apologized.

“You’re sorry? I’m going to remember this in 10 years,” he said. “Thanks for not making me a delicious breakfast.”

After that prank, it was clear that John didn’t trust them with any of his food. “Is this water?” he asked before sniffing the glass.

We’re guessing he’s going to be in charge of his own meals from now on.

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