Welcome to 2016, where things are so ridiculous that there’s no point in trying to define “ordinary.” We’ve got a reality TV star for our president, the Cubs are world champions, and Ben & Jerry’s is making beer. And with all that going on, it seems pretty reasonable that for $130, you can get a hipster Nativity set.

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There are a lot of questions surrounding this Nativity scene: “Where do we put it?”, “Is this sacrilegious?”, “Where in Brooklyn are these people?”. The site advertises the “man-bunned” Joseph and “duck-faced” Mary as just getting off a “Whole Foods shopping spree”. The three wisemen are on Segways rather than horses and carrying Amazon Prime boxes, and of course, the roof has a solar panel on it.

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The hipster Nativity set is apparently flying off the shelves (or out of the URL), and the site has had to set a limit of three per customer.

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