This humorous compilation proves chihuahuas are not afraid of anything and will definitely fight back

Chihuahuas are not ones to be intimidated by anything, and you certainly don’t want to mess with the little hellions. They’ll take on any other dog or human, no matter how much bigger they are, and this compilation proves just how ballsy they are.

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The Chihuahuas in the compilation do everything from challenging dogs much bigger than them to growling at their human companions for unknown reasons. There’s even one small pup that refuses to get out of a bigger dog’s bed, as well as one that flings itself at a cat after the feline tries to pet its back.

It’s likely that these Chihuahuas think they’re much bigger than they actually are, as they’re never ones to back down from a challenge. So think twice before you decide to mess with them, or you’re likely to face their wrath.

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