This Irish musician played drums over a famous “Willy Wonka” scene, and it’s perfect David Dockery/YouTube/Screenshot
David Dockery/YouTube/Screenshot

In his spare time, Irish musician — and Andy Murray look-a-like — David Dockery films himself adding beat-heavy soundtracks to famous scenes from TV shows and movies. He’s uploaded a few of these video to his YouTube channel — like his jazzy rehash of a classic “Always Sunny” scene, which was viewed over 2.9 million times on Facebook and garnered a lot of attention on Reddit.

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Dockery has now decided to focus his attention on 1971’s “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.” His latest video features him drumming in time to a pivotal scene from the film — and it’s perfect.

Watching Dockery perform is not only impressive from a musical standpoint, it will also give you a new appreciation for Gene Wilder’s brilliant dramatic dialogue delivery.

Dockery doesn’t just enjoy adding drum beats to movie scenes; he also does it to video game soundtracks:

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