This “Jeopardy!” contestant’s excessive confidence makes his gaffe all the more hilarious Jeopardy - Twitter - Screenshot
Jeopardy - Twitter - Screenshot

Unfortunately for one competitor on Monday night?s episode of “Jeopardy!,” the category ?3+3? (meaning the right answer will consist of two words, each containing three letters) was just slightly too complicated.

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The player we’re referring to was named Kevin. Kevin buzzed in after his rival competitor Jamie selected the $200 answer, and Alex Trebek read out the words, ?A Hired Killer.? after a second or two of consideration, Kevin confidently responded with ?Hot gun,? completely ignoring the correct “Jeopardy!” answer format. It didn’t take long for one of Kev’s fellow competitors to clean up his mess by answering correctly.

We love a great game show gaffe, and this gaffe is definitely great. Good effort, Kev. Good effort.

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