This ‘liberal redneck’ comedian explains why boycotting Target is just dumb YouTube/Screenshot

Trae Crowder, aka YouTube’s “Liberal Redneck,” went viral this week with a short post about people’s reactions to Target’s decision to allow transgender customers to use the bathroom of their choosing.

“You’re freaked out, the thought of a man wantin’ to be a woman disgusts you … because you lack the capacity to understand it,” Crowder tells his audience.

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Throughout the video, Crowder finds humor in the issue and wonders whether conservative white Christians ever think about how others feel uncomfortable at their antics.

“You know it’s gettin’ out of hand now because we’ve got white people boycotting Target,” Crowder jokes.

“Target would LOVE for you to waddle your hateful ass over to Walmart — that’s where all the ‘Duck Dynasty’ shit is anyway!”

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