While we’ve probably all had “accidents,” it’s unlikely that we all handled the unfortunate occurrence with the grace of one little girl in Missouri. And, thankfully, the cameras were rolling.

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The video shows a child screaming “I shit my pants” with the frankness that we admire. Here’s how her mom describes it:

My daughter was yelling ‘Mom!’ from the other room. I happened to be snap chatting my best-friend and decided to record her response. I caught the video all by chance and have been laughing ever since. After the fact, my boyfriend had a talk with her about using ‘bad’ words, and her only response to him was that ‘they’re just words, words can’t be bad.’ So I decided to share the original video that night expecting my friends and family to get a good laugh out of it.

Maybe the most precious part was her innocent approach to foul language: “They’re just words, words can’t be bad.” We’re hoping that this youngster holds onto that innocence for as long she can.

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