This Man’s Post-Anesthesia State Led to Some Hilarious Flirting with His Wife

In this hilarious video, a man, groggy from anesthesia, has a little trouble remembering certain details. He somehow forgot that his wife, named Silvia, lost 77 pounds in the months leading to his MRI.

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“You look so hot!” he says to his wife, and then attempts to proposition her right into his hospital bed.

“Well thanks. You don’t remember me losing weight?” the wife said. “I’ve been at it for a few months.”

When his wife asks him “Do you know why you’re here?” he hilariously replies, “To have sushi?”

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Clearly, he is more than a little mixed up, especially when he thinks they came to the hospital, not for an MRI, but “to watch ESPN.”

“Good, cause the Broncos suck,” he’s informed of his reasons to be there.

According to the video description, the man had “a traumatic brain injury” in 2013. While he survived, he had to follow up his procedure with tests and scans, including the scan that led to such loopy hilarity.

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