This old Robin Williams skit reminds us why he was one of the greatest entertainers YouTube/Screenshot

Robin Williams is on the entirely too long list of entertainers to depart from Earth way too soon, but clips like this one are a good reminder of why he was so good at cheering everyone up with his comedy.

This comes to us from the year 2000, when David Letterman had just come back to his show after a pretty significant heart surgery. Letterman missed a bunch of time for the surgery, so his return was a pretty big deal and an interesting subject for the show to tackle.

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Enter friend of the program Robin Williams, who comes out in full doctor’s attire: scrubs, mask, gloves, everything. He’s even carrying around a cooler labelled “Human Organs”.

This is a good reminder that the best way to deal with a subject can sometimes be to go at it head-on instead of avoiding it. Letterman would often crack wise about his bypass surgery, even going so far as to make a bypass joke about himself and “The Tonight Show” once.

It’s unfortunate that Robin is no longer around to share this kind of humor with us, but hopefully he would be happy that we can still enjoy his work today.

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