This parody commercial offers to post thoughts and prayers to Facebook so you don’t have to YouTube screenshot

When you care enough to do literally the very least.

“Are you feeling sad and overwhelmed by the state of the world? Do you also like drawing attention to yourself  for the least amount of effort possible? Then we have the app for you!”

This parody commercial for The Thoughts & Prayers App takes aim at robotic responses to what sometimes feels like an endless string of tragic events around the world, offering to post condolences so you don’t have to.

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“Once a tragic event occurs somewhere in the world, TP will post thoughts and prayers on your behalf for all of your friends and family to see,” the voiceover says.

According to the YouTube post, Madeleine Kang wrote the video starring two actors, Danielle Spisso and Ryan Coil, who use the imaginary app to roast of the state of social media today.

“I feel like a better person,” one women in the video explains, “and I didn’t have to do anything!”

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Anyone who’s been on Facebook can probably relate.

“Forget about cumbersome donations or boring policy changes! With TP, screaming into the void has never been easier … or better for your ego!”

“Finally, a way to help … that also helps me!”

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