This prank parody shows what happens when a boyfriend walks in on his buddy and girlfriend

In February 2016 Matt Price of Australia-based comedy team the Roundabout Crew posted a short film parody of YouTube “prank” videos that really aren’t pranks at all.

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The Roundabout Crew’s video tells the story of a man who walks in on his friend and girlfriend having sex, and his angry reaction.

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When the man gets home and finds his girlfriend in bed with his friend he freaks out and begins hitting his buddy.

Like many YouTube prank videos, the camera crew quickly reveal themselves and try and pass the act off as “just a prank, just a prank,” in an effort to quell the situation.

Once the man realizes his friend is wearing a condom and his girlfriend is actually naked, the prank aspect of the parody begins to lose its luster.

Despite the group acknowledging that the whole video was a parody, many YouTubers were angry at the “fake video.”

Out of the dozen or so comments on the video, only one man seemed to truly understand the video’s reason for existence.
“They are making fun of typical prank videos,” one fan commented.

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