Beloved Shirts is known for their outrageous clothing lines, and now they’ve got a new outfit that’s going viral on the internet. The women’s one-piece swimsuit features a gasping Donald Trump, and it’s hard to tell if this is disrespectful to the president or the ultimate sign of honor.

The suit is made in the United States, so customers are supporting American workers, and the artwork is featured on both sides.

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But the Trump swimsuit isn’t even the most absurd thing that sells. They have a whole Trump collection that features the president as the “Jaws” shark and him as the Statue of Liberty.

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We haven’t been able to find any pictures of women actually wearing the suit. But this Fourth of July, don’t be surprised if you find yourself face-to-face with the president himself.

If Beloved Shirts’ name rings a bell, it’s because you probably saw their “sexy chest” swimsuit which tortured eyes all across the internet when it came out. And as odd as the Trump-suit is, the hairy chest piece has us crawling under our desks and refusing to come out until the world eliminates this monstrosity.

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